3 Things Every Hairstylist Needs In Their Closet

Sep 22, 2021


Every stylist has their go-to products, and through trial and error, I’ve discovered my own faves. These items will help you ease through your 8 hour salon day that really ends up being 12 amirite?..

Here are my MUST-HAVES for behind the chair & beyond!


1. Material Things


We all know how awful it can be when we get bleach on our clothes. If you’ve ever resorted to using a sharpie on your black shirt or pants, then you know exactly where I’m coming from. Here’s a stylist life hack that will not only save your favorite clothing items but will also have you throwing away all your sharpies in no time at all! 

Did you know that the  fabric, polyester does NOT lighten? You can get all the bleach you want on any polyester clothing, and it will wipe right off or wash right out!  Do yourself a favor and go on a polyester shopping spree. Check that label, and wear your clothes with confidence. 

2. Lips That Last

Everyone wants to look put together at work, but when you’re working 10+ hour salon days then it can be challenging! Take my word for it. My absolute favorite lip is Kylie Lip Kit On an average day, I can apply my favorite Kylie shade early morning & by evening it's still holding strong! I can literally forget about it all day long while working with my clients. This product is an absolute MUST HAVE in your makeup kit.

Tip! Apply the liner , then apply chapstick , then Liquid LipStick. 

3Belt It Out

We are a busy stylist after all! We don’t have time to keep stopping & picking things up. Wearing a belt bag while you’re working and moving all day long will allow you to work quickly & efficiently. You can place anything you need in it. I find that I’m constantly reaching for my phone to take client pics or take a quick square payment. It also makes any outfit look super cute! I especially love it when I wear leggings, it solves the no pocket problem! Feeling a little Boujee? Bag Borrow or Steal has the CUTEST high end designer Belt Bags for Monthly rentals . Check them out!

Now go grab these 3 fun salon must haves! These have been a total life changer for me behind the chair & I know they will be for you too! 

Til next time...