7 Social Media Ideas for Hairstylists To Kick Start Your Social Media In 2023!

Jan 16, 2023

I hope you had the most amazing year & you are welcoming 2023 with some big goals! (I know I am )


To start the year out strong I know that you are totally leveling up your social media game so I thought I would share some awesome social media posts ideas for hairstylists!


I know you are still thinking about teaching your techniques and methods that you already do behind the chair and you may not be totally ready to take the plunge as an educator but these ideas will help skyrocket you as the authority in the hairstylist world. It is important for them to see you as an authority so they consider you their go-to when they are ready to buy your course and classes.


These posts are designed to attract other hairstylists so they will start to see you as someone that can help them in their business.




      1.Tutorials and step-by-step guides on specific hairstyles or techniques, such as braids, upstyles, or color application.


  1. Product reviews and recommendations, to help other hair stylists choose the best tools and products for their clients.


  1. Tips and tricks for working with different hair types and textures, such as curly, thick, or fine hair.


  1. Behind-the-scenes looks at your own work, including photos and videos of you creating different styles and explaining your techniques.


  1. Q&A sessions or live streams, where other hairstylists can ask you questions and get personalized feedback on their work. 


  1. Educational captions or blog posts on topics related to our business as hairstylists and salon professionals such as pricing, marketing, or guest experience .


  1. Insights and advice on how to succeed in the salon industry, including personal solutions and experiences.


I hope you were inspired to take action with these ideas. Take charge this year and let's do some big things!


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Remember, you have the skills, knowledge, and passion to make a real difference in the industry. Embrace the opportunity to share your expertise with others and make a positive impact this year!

Talk soon,