So... do I just start..?

Jul 21, 2021


Now that I'm ready to start my blog, what do I do?

Is this the part where I just start?....

This is where I introduced myself. Hi, my name is Cassandra.  I live in Post Falls, Idaho. I Am a mom, hair stylist, wife, entrepreneur, & a little crazy ! Lol 

I am a little all over the place and I am definitely not a professional writer, but after being on my own Journey,  it inspired me to start this….


After being a hairstylist, for let's just say a lot of years, I wanted to get into becoming an educator. Every time I would take a class or go to training I would always look at the educator and think how did they get in that position? As the years went by and my expertise grew, So did the feeling inside about one day becoming an educator.


One day, I had heard of a local hairstylist going to another state & was spending over 3k to attend a class! This class was on the topic that was my expertise! Not only was it my expertise but I have been doing it for almost 20 years. Light bulb lights up in my head…….

I rethink it again…..Wait, so this hair stylist is spending that much money on a class, And flying to a whole nother state to get this education?
Hmmmm….the wheels start spinning..


I came home that night and I talked to my husband, and I told him about the local hair stylist that inadvertently had made such an impact in my day( ..and life)!  After explaining to him he looks at me and says..”& why can't you start teaching classes? “


This question was so simple, but for some reason I had never thought to ask myself this before. I replayed it in my head... Why CAN’T I teach my own classes?


This is the moment I realized, of all those moments throughout my career when I would look up at the educator that was teaching me thinking , how do they do that?, was more simple than I imagined. 


All I had to do was...well...Do it.


As I started what would become the beginning of my successful education brand, I didn't realize what was to come. 

As I started to research into what it takes to become an independent educator I barely found any information. There was no magical blog post, or “how to” video that was waiting for me to find. It ended up taking hundreds of hours of countless research, trial and error to finally create a successful Salon Education Business.


If I was feeling this way, then maybe there are others. I thought to myself ,maybe others have the same dream or the same thoughts. Maybe they went to do research and nothing was there so they gave up.  So here we are!

I wanted to create a place that could help salon professionals ! 


A place where I can help beauty Industry entrepreneurs level up their business & their dreams! 

For the past four years I have turned that simple moment of what if, into a successful education business & now I am here to show you that it IS possible, and I'm going to show you how!


So with the support of my family and friends here goes nothing!


 Thank you so much for your support!