Why Now Is the Perfect Time to reach your NXT LVL ERA as a Hairstylist

Nov 08, 2023

Title: Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Explore Multiple Income Streams


In the ever-evolving world behind the chair,  it's crucial for us to adapt to the changes around us. Clients are now spacing out their salon visits, economic stability is a little shaky, and the inflation monster is lurking in the background. But don’t stress, because there's a silver lining in these stormy clouds. This might just be the best time to start thinking about adding income streams outside the salon.

While clients might be extending the gaps between their salon visits, they'll keep coming back for your expertise in creating stunning, long-lasting color. And that's where the magic begins. The coming year is going to be a focus even more all about crafting timeless, seamless color, and achieving effortless volume and fullness with minimal extensions. This focus on your artistic expertise is destined to be huge!

The Rising Demand for Education

The era of hairstylists gate keeping their secrets is fading. Followers are not just interested in seeing your content but they want to learn the magic behind it. This is where you come in. You have gate keep worthy skills, & now is the time to share them!! Teaching is a rewarding experience and an excellent way to generate MASSIVE additional income.

There are so many ways to teach your methods and techniques and some involve never even having to talk in front of an audience. Virtual classes have never been more accessible, and they offer the perfect platform to reach an large audience. If in-person teaching is more your style, local classes are a great way to get started. However, don't overlook the digital world. Create valuable digital products like your favorite formula reference guide, tutorial videos, or e-books that provide hairstylists with the tools they need.

Opportunity Is Everywhere

Instead of dwelling on the shifts and changes in the industry, it's time to focus on the opportunities they bring. With your unique skills, there's an array of income streams waiting to be explored. Whether you're conducting online classes, creating digital products, or offering personalized in-person training, the world is waiting to learn from you. Your expertise can be turned into new income streams that elevate your career and income to the NXL LVL!

So,  instead of fearing change, let's thrive in it! The future belongs to those who adapt and innovate. This is your moment to pivot and take control the opportunities unfolding in the hairstyling world. Start thinking about teaching and sharing your expertise—it's a path that can lead you to your NEXT LEVEL ERA.

In this exciting journey, you'll not only boost your income but also inspire and empower others on their quest more!. Get ready to share your magic with the world!

Remember, the millionaire hairstylists of the future are not just behind the chair; they're also standing proudly sharing what they know and love with the world! 

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Hairstyist and Master Educator

Cassandra Erickson