How To Create Your Own Signature Method

Feb 01, 2023

Whether you are already teaching , you are thinking about it or  just wanting to start sharing more about some of your techniques on social media, one of the first steps that you're going to want to do is think about how you can turn your signature method or techniques into teachable steps. From Balayage to Brazilians, here is a guide to help you break down what you do everyday in the salon and turn it into your step by step signature system that you can start teaching without feeling like you don't know where to start!

  1. Identify the purpose and goal of the method: Begin by understanding the purpose and goal of the method. What is the method intended to achieve, and how does it help the user accomplish their goals? Will it help them save time, money , both? Does it help them get a better result or help them with a major pain point? Understanding the purpose and goal of the method will help you identify the key components or steps that are necessary to teach.
  2. Break down the method into steps: Next, break down the method into individual steps or components. Consider what actions or techniques are involved in the method, and how these steps build on one another to achieve the desired result. I Like to think of the big 5-7 steps that are in my method. Then I take those big steps and break those into smaller teachable steps. A great way to lay this out is by using post it notes. Start by taking your big steps on post its & then place them in a Horizontal row on the wall. then take all of the smaller steps that are on post-its and put them under the corresponding bigger steps. This gives you a vision of what your signature method and technique actually looks like. it makes it so much easier to see what steps should absolutely be in there or what could possibly be removed. 
  3. Identify any key elements or challenges: As you break down your method into steps, walk yourself through all the steps on your post its. Make sure to consider any key elements or challenges that your student may encounter. For example, are there any common mistakes that you made when you first started this technique make sure you add those steps and add them to your post it breakdown.
  4.  Create a clear explanation of each step: Once you have identified the steps and key elements involved in your method, create a clear and concise explanation of each step. Use clear language and examples to help your student get an idea of the application process . Consider using visual aids or demonstrations to help illustrate your points. You can create AMAZING head sheets , guides or checklists easily on Canva
  5. Test and refine: Once you have created explanations for each step, test and refine your approach. Consider trying the method yourself, or ask someone else to try it out and provide feedback. Use this feedback to refine your explanations and make any necessary adjustments to your teaching approach.

Teaching classes & starting to share your methods on social media can be rewarding and extremely lucrative but it does require planning, dedication, and hard work. By following these steps and understanding the process, you can turn your passion into a successful and profitable business! 

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Talk soon!

Cassandra Erickson