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3 Key Branding Decisions Worksheet 

Aug 09, 2021


Your complete guide to creating a brand & showing up like a boss 


Branding is so important for your business because it tells a story. It is not just a logo. It is who you are, what you feel like, how you connect, promote, and live your business. If the words that you spoke floated out of your mouth, what would that text look like? What would the color be? How would it feel? These are all things that are pieces of you and this will determine the details of your brand. 

Before we do anything, we need to get a clear visual on what your personal brand looks like. This first exercise , The Pin It Party, will reveal your brand aesthetic right before your eyes. Once you have completed the exercise,, You will see your brand's key visual features, colors, fonts, and vibes. This will make it easy for you to make the important 5 key Branding decisions. 


1. Go to Pinterest and Create a new Board . You can name it anything you want, some examples are ….“Branding” ,“My Vibes”, “Brand” , “Pin It Party”

2. Next I want you to scroll and pin to your new board anything that makes you happy. Anything that looks pretty to you, or interesting, just pin as many things as you can. These pins don't have to have anything in common, in fact I don’t want you to second guess anything. If it makes you happy or gives you a vibe just pin it...Trust me on this one! Do as many pins as you can. I would say 25-50 pins is perfect. This should only take you 10-15 min or so.
Allow yourself a max time of 15 min to get this done.

3. Once completed, go to that board and scroll slowly.  What are the three bold colors that you notice first? What are the 3 softer colors that you notice? Are there any patterns or materials that you notice? Are there any fonts that are in there that are repeated. Just start thinking about these options , you don't have decide just yet.


Creating Your Branding  Kit

A branding kit is where your key elements are in one place. It is the decisions that will make up your brand's visuals when it comes to your look. You can keep this kit easily  accessible for when you create anything for your brand.

Your Key decisions we will be making today are : font, Brand color pallet, & logo. 

Look at the total vibe from your Pin It Party Board. This is your brand's Aesthetic. Now we need to find what those key elements are & get them written down. These key decisions will be a part in creating your brand kit. 

Pro Tip: After you discover your initial color pallet options, go to pinterest and look up the hex code .  (A hex code is the specific key to an exact color (#00000)

For Example : if your choice is Light pink…

Go on Pinterest & search “light pink hex codes”. Find a light pink you love and save the code. 

*You can insert this hex code in many different apps and programs so you can have your exact match when creating graphics or websites

Now it's decision time. 

Decision #1 :  6 color brand pallet 

Color #1 Bold _______________________________ Hex Code _______________________

Color #2 Bold _______________________________Hex code ________________________

Color #3 Soft ________________________________Hex code ________________________

Color #4 Soft ________________________________Hex code ________________________

Color # 5 Light _________________________________Hex code_____________________

Color # 6 Light _________________________________Hex code_____________________

Decision #2 : Font 

*HEADING font ________________________________________________

*SubHeading font _________________________________________________

*Body font ____________________________________________________________

(You can also look on pinterest under Fonts or font grouping for exact names )

Decision #3 : Logo 

Creating a logo is very important. Not only does it help make everything look smooth and cohesive, but it also allows you to be recognized by just a symbol or creative text. I know what you are thinking...How am I going to create a logo?! Well don't worry my friend, I've got you! Just upload the app/site Canva. You can create just about anything with their easy to use templates . After you find a logo template that  you like, you can customize it any way you want! Add what you want, take away what you don’t.  This is a simple to use , incredible tool! It is a GAME CHANGER for any  business owner. 


Once you have made all your Key Branding Decisions, you can go into Canva and search in the templates for “Branding Kit”. You can paste all of your decisions on that graphic and have an amazing visual of your whole Brand . You can print it out & have it on hand. This app is a MUST! It’s basically life changing!

Now You have the tools & step by step process to create your own brand that is a perfect reflection of you! This will give you an amazing framework to take your business to the next level!

 Go print out this worksheet & get started. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Bye for now,

Cassandra Erickson XO


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