4 Tips To Get The Perfect Client Before And After Shot! ( Yes Even With A Client Waiting 😜)

Nov 06, 2022

 Social media is the biggest platform for hairstylists and beauty professionals to grow their businesses and clientele. So that means you are going to need to show off your talents! It is so crucial you learn how to take great photos of your clients before and after looks, not just to show off your skills but to also build trust with a new client that isn’t familiar with your work.


On my social media account, I get a lot of stylists sending me messages asking about how important it is to take great pictures, and that they just don’t have time between clients to take a bunch of pictures during an already busy work day.


Well ....here is my secret to getting the best before and after photos of your clients!


  1. Do it right in front of the main door or window of your salon. We all know standing in front of the big door has the best light! Lighting is your best friend for showing your talent!


  1. Make sure your next client, that you are most likely 10 Minutes late on and is patiently waiting in the lobby see’s you doing said photo shoot. This buys you some time!


  1. Take 497 pictures in 37 seconds all while brief pausing to greet, smile and open the door for entering and exiting clients. 


  1. Make sure you tell the client how fabulous she looks, a compliment goes a long way, especially when you’re snapping pictures. Pick the best one and airdrop your favorite pic to her while she's standing there! She will post this & tag you, and don’t be afraid to ask her to post and share it!


BONUS! When you first start, Put the phones camera on the selfie side so the client can find her best angle & this will give her some confidence when she sees how amazing she looks! 

 Most importantly, don't skip this step no matter how busy you may be. It is a great way to show new clients your work and will help you build your clientele & IG community a lot faster through the power of social media! 

 PS: “If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done!” 

 XoXX Cassandra