What to post in November

Nov 06, 2021


So let's talk about what to post for November. This is the start of such an amazing season , And it's such an awesome time to connect with your followers! I know during the start of the season it can be so insanely busy in the salon, but it is so important to show up. 

Use this time to tease an upcoming salon special you are going to be having or just get your followers ready for something new that's coming soon. Use these ideas to make it super easy to post!

Week One Theme   Mini Lesson on “Blank”


Whether your a hair stylists, lash tech or make up artist, create a reel, Carousel (Multiple photos in one post ) , or use your stories to show how to do a special technique, your favorite go to Fall Lowlight formula , or a quick step by step process to your favorite foil placement. 

You can post multiple times throughout the week using this week's theme. Come up with one or just a few ideas that can take you through the week.


Week 2  Thankful (but not like the cheesy kind)


This is a great opportunity to talk about what you are most thankful for and yes, of course thankful for our clients but I want you to incorporate things in your business. Your favorite apps, your favorite products just sharing what you love. Be honest maybe I'd do 3 things that you found that help you in your business. You can always add an affiliate link or something to it, this is an amazing opportunity to share that!  now everybody has the ability to add stickers so it's time that you started to add some affiliate links to your stories!



Did that headline catch your attention? & It will also do the same with your audience. This is a great week to start talking about three things that you either need to stop doing or stop using. You could even take this into a mindset thing. Maybe three different ways that you can stop limiting yourself. There are so many possibilities with this topic!

Week 4  Black Friday


Black Friday deal? So as you know Black Friday is coming. This is the perfect time to share special salon services, pre-booking specials, or maybe some of your favorite affiliate deals. Don't have any Black Friday specials? That's okay too, you can post about the 5 best Black Friday deals that every hairstylist needs to know about!  look up some of your favorite companies and see what their Black Friday deals are and this is your opportunity to just share them. This is a great way to not only get some grey audience engagement but you can also get a little attention from some brands. 

And there you have it! 4 engaging post ideas that can help you get through each week and tackle your month with your social! As always I appreciate you so much for hanging out with me and I will see you again very very soon!!